Summer Schedule

Summer is right around the corner and with its arrival we look forward to warmer weather, time with friends and family, and the surge in construction activities. Beyond the orange cones that pop up across the landscape like dandelions in a field, there is also a flurry of site development and build-outs racing toward a quick and satisfactory completion. This activity creates a critical time to keep projects on schedule amidst heightened demand and potential challenges.


Here are four crucial steps to navigate the busy summer construction season while staying on track with project timelines.

We've Been Here Before

Headlines screaming inflation and rising gas prices dominate my screen daily. It’s hard not to see the daily effects of rising costs in both our personal and professional lives. The roller coaster ride the stock market is on is concerning even to the most passive investor.

 We’ve been here before. We will get through this.

How Much ?!

“How much?” is a common question in our world. It is asked countless times a day in our office or on a jobsite. Whether we are screening a subcontractor, evaluating a change on a jobsite, or discussing an upcoming project with a client, it inevitably has to be asked. With subcontractors and vendors, it is a straightforward discussion to address a current situation. When asked by a client or a prospect how much a project is going to cost, it has a lot more nuance.

The Amazon Effect


How to Maintain Stability in an Uncertain Economy