Why F&W

Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. draws on nearly four decades of experience in the commercial construction industry. Our success over all these years comes mainly from the dedication and expertise of our staff who are seasoned professionals steeped in the Fortney & Weygandt culture of excellence. The longevity of our project managers results in a company unmatched in delivering quality construction services with craftsmanship, customer satisfaction and integrity.





Greatest Strengths

The experience and dedication of Fortney & Weygandt’s staff is the key element to our long-term success. Another critical strength is the company’s history, Fortney & Weygandt has remained debt-free, which along with our $80 million aggregate bonding capability, instills confidence among our clients that Fortney & Weygandt will be around long into the future.


Fortney & Weygandt has built a loyal following of repeat customers and that loyalty comes from earning the trust of our clients. Trust builds confidence and confidence builds repeat customers. At Fortney & Weygandt our goal is nurture our long-term relationships with current clients and develop long-term relationships with our newly acquired ones. We have a reputation for integrity that is a result of demonstrating to our clients, and prospective clients, that they can be certain of our reliability and dependability to deliver on their needs. Our policy is always to be honest in our dealings with our customers.


“Just as you have a banker, an accountant, and a legal partner to assist you with your business needs, we want to be your construction professional and handle all your construction needs.” -Robert L. Fortney, Founder