Founders Page
Bob Fortney, Founder (1953-2014)


An architect by schooling, Bob Fortney graduated from Miami University of Ohio and began his career at the Architect’s Office at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bob was actively involved the management of the corporation, providing leadership and guidance in all facets of the organization. A true entrepreneur, Bob surrounded himself with strong people so that he could focus on his vision of the future of the organization, continually developing and upgrading systems to help it run smoothly and more efficiently. The management team today moves forward with that legacy.







The Fortney Foundation

The Fortney Foundation is a private foundation started by Bob and Ruth Fortney in 2007. The main purpose of the foundation is to give back to those who are mentally and physically handicapped and to enhance educational opportunities for individuals. Over the past 8 years the foundation has been able to give back hundreds of thousands of dollars to nonprofits all over the country including; St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Make A Wish Ohio, Red Cross of Greater Cleveland, Human Rights Campaign, Cleveland Food Bank, University Hospitals of Cleveland, Rainbow Babies, Salvation Army, Love146 and many others.