Safety First


Continuing our efforts to keep our employees working safely is an important part of our culture.

In recognition of those efforts, Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. received an award from the Bureau of Workers Compensation for its effort in preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace during 2012.                                 

The award recognizes two things:

1)      There were no accidents that resulted in a day away from work

2)      We decreased our injury incident rate by more than 25% from the previous year. 

We are proud to say that we decreased our injury incident rate by 100%.  Further, the award has recognized that we have the lowest incident rate in our construction category.

Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. takes great pride in implementing our Corporate Safety Policy, which includes initial training during orientation, continuing education, consistent training conducted in weekly jobsite meetings, free skill and safety classes, a required 10-hour OSHA Training Course, and a 30-hour OSHA Training Course.

Maintaining a consistent safety policy at the job site is extremely important to the management of Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. In order to accomplish this, weekly safety meetings are conducted at each job site. The Project Superintendent, carpenters, and subcontractors gather weekly to institute job site inspections and safety violation reports.

The topic of Safety is not only discussed in orientation, field meetings, and training classes, but also biweekly at the Corporate Office Meetings. The Safety Director informs staff of any injuries in the field, recent OSHA jobsite visits, etc. An article is also written by the Safety Director for the Employee Newsletter on a quarterly basis to inform employees of recent updates and a monthly Safety Report is delivered to all field staff at the beginning of the month. With a topic as important as Safety, the Company feels it to be very important to be mentioned on a consistent basis. The result is accident-free projects!

Our owner, Bob Fortney, tells all employees and subcontractors: “Remember: No work is so important, no emergency is so great, that we cannot take the time to do our work safely.”

These are wise words that Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. puts into practice on a daily basis and further evidence of the commitment to the highest standards of safety and training.

Matt Frank

Director of Business Development at Fortney & Weygandt, Inc.