Target Pharmacy Conversion to CVS Pharmacy
Project Description

Fortney & Weygandt acted as the Construction Manager for the Target Pharmacy Conversions. Our company has many years of experience performing Rollout work all over the country and we used our expertise to make sure this program was managed well and stayed on schedule.

Between office involvement and field personnel, our teams were dealing with 200 locations on a daily basis at any given time during the program. All of the stores remained open to the public while the conversions took place:

Build 3 mock up pharmacies and 1 Minute Clinic in an abandoned warehouse in Woonsocket, RI that would allow CVS to make final decisions and adjustments on how they were going to layout the existing Target pharmacies to meet the needed look and flow that CVS requires in their pharmacies.

Perform 1,680 pharmacy and 80 Minute Clinic preconstruction surveys that involved taking photos, redlining existing layouts and filling out a survey.

Develop the Repair & Maintenance Scope for each of the 1,680 locations

Develop the Construction Work Scope for each of the 1,680 locations

Place the material orders for each of the 1,680 locations (RX & Minute Clinics).

Do the actual construction conversion work in the first 22 pilot stores.

Develop the Budgets for each of the 1,680 RX conversions and the 80 Minute Clinic Conversions.

Assist to develop the construction manual.

Provide an overnight Helpline at our office so that the GCs could get direction and answers to their questions in real time

Complete a holistic punch list that included a survey form, photos and a redline drawing. This took place in all 1,680 RX’s and all 80 Minute Clinic’s.

All of the GCs’ supplemental material orders for the entire program went through our office to be reviewed and confirmed and then were sent to the clients depot to be filled.

Provide a complete GC work package with pricing, work scope and material orders to each GC prior to the start of each of the 1,680 RX and the 80 Minute Clinics.

Assist in reviewing final GC photos for official closeout and payments.


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