Here, There, and Everywhere

One of the more common questions I have been asked by potential clients is how can Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. compete on bids for projects that are out of the range of our Northern Ohio headquarters. It is a great question, and the answer involves a 43 year evolution that Fortney & Weygandt, Inc began with our very first job.Fortney & Weygandt Map arrowFortney & Weygandt Map arrow

  1. Courage

This first job was a jewelry store in St Clairesville, Ohio. That location was three hours away from our first office in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. It was a leap for us, but it was a success – and that one project spurred decades of growth in retail construction all across the Midwest and then the country.

Those early years allowed us to begin developing a database of subcontractors and design professionals. As technology has advanced our database of subcontractors has increased exponentially.   After 43 years of performing construction coast to coast, we have a good source of subcontractors in most geographic areas. We also have a number of subcontractors that will travel with us to distant locations. This includes, but is not limited to, the: electrical, concrete, masonry, EIFS, framing and acoustic ceiling subcontractors.

  1. Project Knowledge

The second component of our ability to be competitive on out-of-town projects is that most of our work is for similar type retail, restaurant or other commercial projects. We gain a great working knowledge of the types of buildings from past bidding opportunities since most of work is with repeat clients. For example, if we get a bid for plumbing at $35,000, and based on information in our database for similar projects the costs should be closer to $30,000, we can work with the subcontractor to get them closer to where the number needs to be. This knowledge ultimately creates a better project for owner in terms of budget and delivery.

  1. Loyalty

A third reason for us being able to be competitive is that we are loyal to our customers and they have been loyal to us. For a local contractor bidding a retail project in Anywhere, USA that will most likely be the only project they ever bid for that company if they don’t work outside their area. However, for Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. that may be one of fifteen projects we bid for that owner and with our knowledge of the project type and loyalty to the client we can be very competitive with any contractor we compete against.

  1. Team

Our secret weapon is the team we have assembled that can perform and bid this work across the country. The estimating and project team can leverage their relationships in markets to find the best subcontractor for the job based on previous work with the subcontractor and the client. Plus, our field crews are adept at entering a market and making a project successful. Their willingness to go where the work takes them is appreciated.

These are just a few of the things that allow us to compete nationally for our clients with multi-site construction needs. You can see some where we have been on our map and examples of our projects on our website. We look forward to working with you wherever that may be!

Greg Freeh

As CEO, he collaborates with the management team to achieve the company’s growth strategies. He oversees the day-to-day operations of the company, providing overall management leadership for all department leaders. He ensures that business operations are efficient and effective while optimizing the company’s staffing and resources. Greg actively develops and monitors strategies for ensuring the company’s long-term financial viability.