Preconstruction Services

Our goal is to generate sufficient insight into the full scope of your project and that it is all understood by all participants. We want to make sure what has been proposed is accurately reflected in the plans and determine if there are cost control measures that can be introduced early on.


We take our knowledge and experience to simplify and clarify the details so the bidders will be able to provide an accurate bid without high priced contingencies. Our process includes:

  • Review design documents for constructability, inaccuracies, oversights and thoroughness.
  • Evaluate proposed materials, systems, and project delivery
  • Solicit subcontractor input during the bidding process
  • Provide alternatives, if required
  • Identification and procurement of long lead items
  • Cost modeling and cash flow projections
  • Permit expediting, if applicable
  • Utility coordination, if applicable
  • Refine conceptual estimate to make sure we are on budget
  • Schedule project from start to finish, including the identification of project milestones.


When a project goes out for a competitive bid, our goal is to obtain the best bid from the most qualified subcontractor who completely understands the scope of the project in order to eliminate issues once Fortney & Weygandt is awarded the project. We do this by:

  • Developing a comprehensive bid package for each trade
  • Select prequalified bidders in each trade
  • Communicate with subs via our cloud-based portal, PipelineSuites.
  • Create a model for quote comparison among bidders in each trade