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March: Ladder Safety Month

Did you know that March is Ladder Safety Month? Fortney & Weygandt's Safety Director, Dave Freeh, put together a list of things to watch for when you're working with ladders on a job site. The more you know, the safer you are.

Fortney & Weygandt's Winter Construction Newsletter

F&W Employees 2016 Milestone Anniversaries

Choosing A General Contractor

“Why you?”

It is a common question you receive in any company, no matter what your position. When someone is evaluating your company and your service, they want to know why they should choose you over a competitor.

We have spent the last thirty-seven years showing people why they should choose Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. and then proving to them that they made the right decision by successfully delivering a great project and experience. However, the evaluation process has evolved and involves more people than ever before to choose a general contractor. Therefore, we advise assessing these attributes when beginning the construction process.

F&W Annual Tradition of Giving Back

On the morning of December 14th, the Fortney family and Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. employees continued their annual holiday tradition of passing out 1,000 turkeys and 1,000 sacks of potatoes to the less fortunate in the Greater Cleveland area.

Building An Enduring Relationship - A Case Study

We often write about the importance Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. places on building mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. We firmly believe that loyalty and trust are the foundations of our relationships with our clients. Trust builds confidence and confidence builds repeat customers.

Gatlinburg, TN Wildfires

Throughout this week we have watched wild fires ravage through the Gatlinburg, Tennessee area reducing homes and businesses to piles of ash. We mourn for the lives lost and feel the grief of those who have lost so much.

Fortney & Weygandt, Inc. is no stranger to such disasters. As a construction general contractor, we have been called upon in the past to help businesses and communities rebuild. When Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast in 2012 leaving devastating damage in its wake, we were there to assist a national pharmacy chain restore the availability of critical healthcare supplies to the residents of Rockaway, New York by constructing a temporary “drug store” which Fortney & Weygandt crews accomplished in just three days. Early this year we stood ready to assist with reconstruction of businesses in Missouri and Illinois due to the destructive flooding in the Midwest. So we understand the need and sense of loss now be experienced by the people of Gatlinburg.

Fortney & Weygandt Receives Merit Award for Mabel's BBQ

Fortney & Weygandt received the Award of Merit from The Association of Builders & Contractors (ABC) for our renovation of Mabel's BBQ. The Excellence in Construction Awards event was on Friday, October, 29th at the A Loft Hotel in Cleveland. Jerry Gentz, Director of Business Development, was in attendance to accept the award.

Fortney & Weygandt sponsors wish for 14 year old boy through Make A Wish

Fortney & Weygandt has been a longtime supporter of the Make A Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana chapter and has been looking for a way to get more involved with the organization. Keri Haibach, Director of Individual & Planned Giving, came to us with a unique opportunity to sponsor a wish for a local 14 year old named Calvin, who has had a brain tumor since 2010.


Calvin’s Make A Wish team asked him what he would like his wish to be, he happily decided on a game room in his house similar to Joey and Chandler’s apartment on the TV show, Friends. He decided he wanted a pool table, shuffle board table and a flat screen TV to play his video games. The game room was finished off with a couch, bar stools and a bar table. None of this would have been possible without the help of Sears, Danny Vegh’s, Levin Furniture and GameStop. The room was renovated by Fortney & Weygandt volunteers, Make A Wish volunteers and friends and family members of Calvin’s.


We revealed the room on September 17th and are very proud to have been a part of this wish for Calvin.